Coaching & Mentoring

Specialized Coaching enables the development of skills essential to achieve strategic objectives.
These objectives can be both individual and business and range from the scope of management to the formation of high performance teams.
This is another service offered by Icon Talent. Our commitment is to bring out the full potential of our customers. Coaching is a powerful process for professional and personal leverage and relies on the use of development tools that enable coachee (person who receives coaching), to achieve in a transformative way, the objectives outlined for the process, supported by the Coach (professional who applies the process).

Promoted self-knowledge is the great key to transformation. On average, the process lasts 10 sessions which is the time required to generate the change of attitude and consolidation of new habits acquired from the process.


Mentoring in turn brings, through the experience and shared experience between Mentor and Mentored, the possibility of directing on those issues where the Mentored finds it more difficult to work or where he wants clarification to enrich his career plan and self-development.
The great differential of the Coaching and Mentoring processes offered by Icon Talent is in the specificity of the training of its professionals, which in addition to training in these processes, are 100% IT, that is, communication and exchange of experiences are much more effective.
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