Foreign IT companies increase demand for Brazilians

With 20% more remote vacancies for Brazilian professionals, a recruitment company carries out selection processes for technology companies from outside the country.

In rapid growth in recent years, the Information Technology (IT) market has attracted views from foreign companies to Brazilian professionals. Many companies that did not operate remotely before the pandemic were forced to recreate themselves and make the area part of the strategic business. Specialized in it recruitment and selection for companies of all segments, Icon Talent recorded in 2020 a 20% increase in the number of remote vacancies offered by foreign companies, due to the need to adapt companies to social isolation, and which is expected to grow 11% in 2021, according to an estimate by IDC Brazil.

Founded in 2018, in Curitiba, the company recruits technology professionals from several states to work remotely in companies in Brazil and abroad.

"The international market has realized the great potential of IT professionals in Brazil and today we have an increase in opportunities in the areas of development and IT management. These vacancies are paid in foreign currency. 30% of the candidates we interviewed are interested in opportunities outside the country, either for the opportunity to meet and live with new cultures or for the improvement of career and salary", explains Janaina Lima, partner of Icon Talent.

E-commerce and digital solutions

For Christina Curcio, founding partner of Icon Talent, the demand in the area of Information Technology had its process accelerated by the pandemic. "Companies are looking for professionals with technical profile, but who look and act with other business areas, bringing solutions and innovations to companies." According to Christina, the areas that had a large increase in hiring were e-commerce, digital solutions, automation, retail, omnichannel channel companies, logistics, health, agribusiness, mobility solutions, IT infrastructure and consultancies.

Emerson Belluomini is a candidate for an international position and says that his interest has emerged as a possibility to develop professional alternatives. "This is a growing market for opportunities, characterized by strong demand in many business areas. The model was strongly driven by consolidation in the use of collaborative tools. My expectation is to be able to develop several partnerships to be able to count on a broad project portfolio to develop, according to the business plan of each organization", says the IT professional.

Belluomini states that international selection processes value the experience of professionals, regardless of age or nationality. "Definitely, what matters is the ability to understand the need of the organization and transform it into solutions supported by technological means. The experience of participating in these processes was gratifying because it confirmed that the Brazilian professional is valued for professionalism, flexibility, integration with teams and ability to make large deliveries, even though he does not have many resources."

Attention to the curriculum

In the selection processes carried out for companies abroad, Christina recommends attention of candidates in relation to the curriculum, since the models used in Brazil usually do not have the detail that companies expect. Icon Talent estimates that of candidates applying their curricula to vacancies abroad, only 5% have a more detailed curriculum. "This applies to information such as relevant projects, greater professional challenges, information about the company in which he worked, such as branch and size, updating of courses held and contacts of recommendations from which he worked", he points out.

Language and salaries

Another interesting fact is in relation to the foreign language: survey of the company reveals that half of the candidates who cite that have advanced English in their curricula are failed in conversation tests, and 15% give up the process when they know of the existence of an interview in another language.

According to recruiters, companies seek the behavioral profile of Brazilians, who are mostly friendly, understanding and dedicated. "International vacancies seek professionals to work 100% remote, with salaries in foreign currency (mostly in dollars), career growth opportunity and a lot of training. Development vacancies (in all languages) and information technology and security managers are the most sought profiles by companies that work with Icon Talent", details Christina.

"Apart from the butterflies in the stomach because of the language, soon after the process tends to be similar to any other for an opportunity of technology. In past processes, depending on the size of the company, there have been several meetings and usually the latter are with the CEO. What attracts me the most, besides remuneration, it is the more mature startup structure we usually see in Brazil, the possibility of international networking and teams with more technological knowledge", reports professional Gabriel Tadeu, who has been participating in some international processes.

Source: Empresas estrangeiras de TI aumentam a procura por brasileiros

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