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Icon Talent specializes in finding talent, in addition to the high expertise in IT Recruitment, we operate on several business fronts to help the Human Resources area of your company to hire in an even more agile and efficient way.

Expressive numbers



for every 6 candidates submitted per vacancy.



is the average time between selection and hiring.



candidates remains in the new job after hiring.

Icon Talent serves national and multinational companies, located in Brazil or abroad.
Specialized IT Recruitment and Selection Consulting

Have you thought about how much it costs for your company or project to wait months to hire a professional? Learn about the immediate benefits of our consulting.

6 reasons

to hire Icon Talent

Cost reduction in projects
Reduction of turnover rate
We have a talent pool specific to the technology area
Reduction in the operational time of the process (selection, schedule, interview).
Greater agility and assertiveness in the selection process.
We carry out the post-hiring feedback process.


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Icon Talent Methodology

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